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Clockwork by Craig Michael Davis

Clockwork is a five movement work inspired by the varied landscapes of Alabama.  In addition to collaborating with the composer, this piece is part of a multimedia collaboration with Auburn University’s media studies department.  Videographers from that department are working to create a video that will accompany the music in performance, visually depicting the same landscapes that Davis depicts musically.

meet the composer...

Craig Michael Davis is an internationally known composer, conductor, and pianist from California. He travels the world performing a solo keyboard show and with The Craig Michael Davis Ensemble, which he founded in 2015. Living in New York City in his 20s, he received a Master’s Degree in Theory and Composition from the New York University. Moving to Bloomington, Indiana, in 2016, he received a Doctorate in Music Composition, from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music. Currently, Craig is on faculty at the Jacobs School of Music, teaching music.

Headshot of Craig Michael Davis
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